Why Lightning?

  • Professional Coaching – players will receive high quality coaching.  
  • Top Tournaments – all teams will be entered in the best tournaments for them where the competition will make all players and teams better.
  • Competitive – practices and games will be competitive and will be designed to improve each player within the team environment.  We will join competitive tournaments to give each player/team the best opportunity to improve.
  • Fun – a fundamental element of recreation is fun and while we are trying to improve we understand that we must also enjoy what we are doing.
  • Professional Goalie Training – all players will be given the opportunity to train with a professional goalie coach.
  • Behind the scenes – at college practices and games
  • College training – our teams will be able to work with and meet college coaches from all over the state.
  • Fundraising activities – to help reduce player fees.
  • Discounts – for multiple family members in the club.
  • Monthly payment plans.
  • A website – dedicated to the club, the teams, and the players.
  • FAMILY atmosphere – we all support one another.

Lightning Lacrosse Club is for players who: 

  • Love the game of lacrosse.
  • Want to improve their level of play.
  • Want to play with and against other top level lacrosse players.
  • Want quality coaching.
  • Want to be great high school, college and professional players.

Lightning Lacrosse Club is for parents who:

  • Want to give their child the best chance at improving in the game of lacrosse.
  • Want to enjoy the experiences that come from being a part of the Lightning family.
  • Want to travel with their child to games and tournaments (great for family bonding).


The Facts:

  • Playing club lacrosse is the key to becoming the best lacrosse player possible.
  • Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States.